Welcome To The Kristina Parker Dental Hygiene Clinic in Barrie

We are excited to announce that it has now been 6 years since the doors officially opened to Barrie’s newest dental hygiene clinic.

We have had great success throughout the last 6 years and many new patients have arrived to come under the care of one of Barrie’s independent dental hygienists, Kristina Parker.

Kristina, with over 20 years of dental hygiene experience in the Barrie, Collingwood, Simcoe County area working for private dental clinics, and former dental hygiene teacher at Georgian College, is thankful to all of her patients for the trust they have given her and all of the new referrals they have sent her way.

Kristina is always excited to connect with her new patients and provide them with a comfortable, caring, dental hygiene experience.

Along with providing high quality professional dental hygiene services, she likes to educate and help patients gain a better understanding of the importance of overall health in combination with their dental health.

Kristina invites you to come and visit her quaint dental hygiene clinic in Barrie, located in the old east end of Barrie on Highland Ave, to learn more about how she can make dental hygiene more affordable for you and your family.

Why Choose an Independent Dental Hygienist?

By visiting a dental hygienist rather than a regular dentist, you can save 15-30% on your dental cleanings PLUS your benefits typically covers a dental hygienist visit the same way you get coverage at a dental office. To learn more about the importance of Dental Health, visit Dental Hygiene Canada.